The RPSC is a grass-roots organization dedicated to conservative principles of government. It is our goal to promote conservative candidates who believe in the same principles; pursuit of individual happiness and responsibility, a prospering economy and the right to American liberties as established by the US Constitution. We believe government has the responsibility to all of these things without burdening her citizens with cumbersome and inefficient bureaucracies.





Greetings from your Sauk County Republicans! We are pleased to tell you of our activities and
plans. Our goal is to convey issues to you, to stir your thoughts, and to engage with you.
If you identify with the above and believe in our mission, we welcome unsolicited contributions. We encourage you to join us at our events, to offer your ideas and opinions. Listen, speak out and make a difference.    
THANK YOU! We are very grateful to those who have made donations to us.

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