Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Republican Party of Sauk County WEB site.

I finally have some time to reflect on the recent elections. First off, many, many thanks to all who contributed their time and resources to support the campaigns in our county. It was rewarding to see Senator Marklein,  Assemblyman-elect Tony Kurtz, and Sheriff Chip Meister enjoy solid victories. On the other hand, Governor Walker and Brad Schimel not being reelected is certainly more than a disappointment for our state. While our continued success holding on to the Senate and Assembly will make it difficult for Tony Evers to push his agenda, it could mean a pause for now to the great positive momentum Wisconsin has seen with Governor Walker. A major concern of mine is the impact the new attorney general can have on a variety of issues.

So, what’s next? I don’t dwell on what has been. The only value from looking back is to learn where opportunities were missed and to understand why. From that review, objective plans can be built to be successful next time. We can only move forward. I’m going to look carefully at the voting patterns and demographics from the last election and will compare the methods and approach taken by the other campaigns to understand what changes in our approach will provide better results. I’m going to reach out directly to individuals from around the entire county that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this past election cycle and ask them how we can build more engagement in all locations. There is much to do and much we can accomplish. This is a process and processes are driven by people.

As we draw closer to the new year, look for notices for the annual caucus and Lincoln Day dinners. The membership renewal drive for 2019 will be kicking off first thing in January as well. I will be presenting a road map at the caucus for the preparations needed as we head toward the elections in 2020. Being an odd numbered year, we will also be electing executive committee members. We need active participation on the board from each key location in Sauk County, so please consider running for office. Filling the office of Treasurer is another need we have that’s been difficult to fill these past two years. If you have basic book keeping skills, please give strong consideration to helping out in that area. The reporting process is fully computerized and actually quite easy to maintain once you are introduced to the process. If you want to make things happen, being on the executive committee is a great way to do that.

That’s enough to reflect on for now. Please enjoy the remainder of this Thanksgiving weekend and take time to enjoy the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

Thank you.

Fred Behn, Chair, RPSC